Email Marketing

Core Features

Build Gorgeous Emails

Use our drag-and-drop email builder, or pre-designed templates, to create gorgeous, mobile responsive emails. Whether you are a designer, coder, or know nothing about HTML.

Manage Customer Data

Store demographic and behavioural data to segment your audience and send targeted campaigns. Improve the quality of your database with automatic updates, bounce management, and complaints handling.

Grow Your Audience

Use our easy-to-use subscription form builder to create subscription forms that you can add to your website, landing pages, social media pages or email campaigns. Share campaigns via Twitter, Facebook, and Linked-in.

Track Measure Optimise

Track everything that happens to your email from opens and clicks, through to what devices people are using to read your emails, and where they are located geographically. Use heatmaps and A/B Split testing to optimise your campaign.

Automate Campaigns

Automate your lead nurturing, onboarding, and other campaigns by using our powerful drip campaign manager. Sync data from your website, CRM, or other internal system, and trigger targeted mails throughout the customer journey.

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