Transactional mail

Core Features

Speed & Reliability

Our production service is built on top of our tried-and-tested sending engine, which sends millions of messages every day for hundreds of top brands around the world. Our servers are constantly monitored to ensure maximum up-time and reliability.

Improved Delivery

We improve deliverability through digitally signing your emails and then constantly monitoring the reputation of your IP address pool to address any ISP bounces or blacklisting.

Instantly Scalable Infrastructure

The capacity of our cloud infrastructure is infinitely scalable to handle rapidly growing volumes or peak demand times with ease. There is no need to deploy new servers or mail transfer agents, your system just sends and we deal with the rest.

Real-Time Tracking

Get access to an online dashboard that gives you real time analytics to track how many emails or SMSes have been delivered, opened, clicked, and bounced so that you can proactively manage the validity of your recipient email addresses and cell phone numbers.


Put marketing messages on your invoices or support ticket emails. Build and store HTML templates that can be automatically populated with personalised variables at the time of sending.

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